6 gifts to give yourself this holiday

Family Wellness

1. Together time.
Read a book together, play a board game, or go for a walk. Family time leads to the gifts of better behavior, less stress, and stronger family bonds.

2. Helping people in need.
You get the maximum health benefits that come with generosity and giving when you take time to imagine the individuals you are helping.

Personal Wellness

3. Steps to keep yourself well.
Get a flu shot, get plenty of rest, eat balanced meals, and keep your body active so that you’re well defended against winter illness.

4. Time outdoors.
Getting outdoors reduces your stress, helps control high blood pressure, and reduces your risk of type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and premature death. Walk around the block, enjoy some quiet time on a park bench, or watch the sun set. Many factors keep us indoors and less active during the winter. But with a little effort and preparation, you can stay active in the winter and even try some new activities.

Financial Wellness

5. A budgeted, affordable holiday.
Household debt can hurt your physical and mental health. Help keep yourself healthy by setting a reasonable budget and celebrating within the limits you set.

6. Homemade or baked gift.
Crafting can have a psychological effect similar to meditation. In fact, a study showed that 81% of knitters with depression reported feeling happier after knitting. Get your craft on!

Information on the studies used for this article can be found at:


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