How to build stronger bones

Building stronger bones when you’re young will help prevent conditions like osteoporosis when you’re older. But whatever your age, these steps will help your bone health:

1. Eat a calcium-rich diet

Foods such as low-fat or nonfat dairy products, dark green vegetables, fish, beans, and tofu have higher levels of calcium.

2. Get your vitamin D

Foods with vitamin D include fortified beverages and cereals, fatty fish, and eggs. For a dose of vitamin D from the sun, in spring and summer expose your face and arms to the sun for 15 minutes. If you’re out in the sun longer, wear sunscreen. Check the level of vitamin D and calcium that’s right for you.

3. Prioritize weight-bearing exercise

Activities that force your body to work against gravity such as brisk walking, hiking, dancing, yoga, tai chi, weight training, and others strengthen your bones.