Exercise ball ab workout tips

There are multiple approaches to doing crunches for ab strength on an exercise ball, which are illustrated in the video below. They all start out with these simple steps:

1. Sit on the ball, then scoot down so you’re resting on your back, not sitting.

  • For more challenge and greater range of motion, rest on your lower back.
  • For less challenge, keep scooting until you rest more on your back or shoulders. (See photo.)

2. Keeping your hips and legs still, bring your chest toward your belly.

  • For more challenge, put your arms behind your neck or over your head.
  • For less challenge, fold your arms over your belly.

3. Repeat until your abdominal muscles inform you they are really, truly awake.

Follow along in the video below, and if you don’t own an exercise ball, watch this video on how to choose the best exercise ball for you.

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Exercise Ball Crunches