Get fit in a neighborhood park

You probably already know that exercising regularly can boost your heart health, help you maintain a healthy weight, and lower your risk of chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes. But did you know that regular aerobic exercise — the kind that gets your heart pumping and makes you break into a sweat — can also help prevent depression and even protect your brain from memory loss? Both your body and mind will thank you for getting regular exercise.

We know it’s not always easy to find a place to exercise that’s convenient and affordable. That’s why we’re helping to sponsor free fitness and activity areas in urban parks across Washington state.

Activity areas reflect community’s needs

The goal is to help create places where communities can come together to play and be physically active, with each area reflecting the needs and interests of the surrounding neighborhood. Some areas include enhancements such as step, elliptical, and squat press equipment. Others might include a basketball court, splash park, or some other fun way to get moving.

“We’re always looking for low-cost, accessible ways to help different communities become healthier,” says Rachel Schulkin, communications manager for the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department. “Sponsoring these areas with outdoor equipment fits right in to those goals.”

Kaiser Permanente is now working statewide with the Trust for Public Land and local municipalities, including the Seattle Parks Department, to enhance 10 more parks. Locations outside Seattle are expected to include Lynnwood, Tacoma, Spokane, and Wenatchee. Public input will help decide what park improvements will be most appreciated in each community.

If you live in the Seattle area, choose a fitness area near you, then drop by and have some fun!


Seattle fitness areas