When visiting the doctor, go fragrance free

Many of us routinely use a variety of scented personal care products, from lotion to perfume. But did you know that those scents may cause problems for other people?

“Many people in our community, especially those with chronic health conditions, are chemically sensitive,” says Kaiser Permanente workplace safety consultant Drew Tomita. “They can become ill when exposed to things like cologne and perfume, scented body washes and soaps, and essential oils.”

That’s why Kaiser Permanente is working to create a healthy environment for everyone who visits our facilities. We are limiting the use in our facilities of products that contain fragrances, including scented hand soaps, air fresheners, and cleaning products.

You can help by taking these steps before coming to a Kaiser Permanente facility to visit the doctor, see another health care provider, or get tests.

  • Choose fragrance-free personal care products whenever possible.
  • Don’t use scented products, such as perfume, cologne, or aftershave, before coming to a Kaiser Permanente facility.
  • If you forget — or can’t remove a scented product before checking in for your appointment — please tell the person at the clinic reception desk. You may be invited to wait in an area separate from other patients.

“We’re committed to making sure all our facilities are accessible for everyone,” says Tomita. “We appreciate everyone’s help in making this possible.”

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