We’re growing to serve you better with new state-of-the-art specialty centers

Since 2017, Kaiser Permanente has been investing in Washington with a goal of making our innovative and integrated approach to health care more easily available to our members. Most recently, we purchased land in the Yesler neighborhood of Seattle and announced plans to redesign and significantly expand our existing Everett Medical Center in the Riverside neighborhood. A construction schedule for these new facilities hasn’t yet been announced.

Both locations will provide patients with state-of-the-art facilities. The facilities will include primary, specialty, and surgical care, and imaging, lab, and pharmacy services all under one roof and are designed to improve health for our members by anticipating their evolving needs.

The Yesler and Everett expansions are part of the investment Kaiser Permanente announced in 2017 to support new and upgraded facilities in Washington. Kaiser Permanente is committed to health care equity and accessibility for its nearly 700,000 members across the state.

We recently opened 5 new medical facilities in Gig Harbor, Ballard, Smokey Point, South Lake Union, and West Olympia. They all offer a new approach to care that focuses on strengthening the relationships between patients and providers, and with the communities these facilities serve. Another new medical center in Smokey Point, just north of Marysville, is scheduled to open this spring.

“Building these facilities supports our intention to lead the state in innovation, affordability, and convenience for our members,” says Susan Mullaney, regional president of Kaiser Permanente Washington.

With Kaiser Permanente’s integrated approach, patients can choose their providers who collaborate with each other to provide highly effective individualized care. Patients access primary care, specialty, mental health, pharmacy, radiology, labs, and more in one integrated, convenient, patient-centered network.

“Our clinicians are proud to be advancing the future of health care across the region,” says Paul Minardi, MD, president of Washington Permanente Medical Group. “These new facilities will expand Kaiser Permanente’s model of coordinated care with even more robust and sophisticated offerings for our patients and members.”

Kaiser Permanente purchased the Yesler property from the Seattle Housing Authority as part of an ongoing plan to provide access to health care, social services, education, and other community amenities. Yesler, the site of the city’s first publicly subsidized housing community, is being redeveloped by the city to include a variety of housing for different income levels, and mixed-use buildings.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Kaiser Permanente to Yesler,” says Andrew Lofton, executive director of the Seattle Housing Authority. “In redeveloping Yesler, we are deeply committed to ensuring it is a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive neighborhood. This investment by Kaiser Permanente builds on those values and will bring a world-class health care facility to the community.”

“Kaiser Permanente’s commitment to Everett is clear,” says Mayor Cassie Franklin, City of Everett. “We welcome this expansion of world-class care and investment in our city.”

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