The pros and cons of juicing

Juicing—extracting the juice of fruits and vegetables with a machine so they can be consumed in liquid form—is a popular trend. But is drinking your nutrition as good as chewing it?


  • Juices provide most of the vitamins, minerals, and plant chemicals found in whole fruits and vegetables.
  • Juice makes a delicious, healthy snack or meal replacement.
  • It’s an easy way to boost the amount of fruits and veggies you consume in a day. 


  • A juicing machine leaves nutrient-rich and fiber-rich skin and pulp behind. Without the fruit fiber, your body absorbs the fructose sugar more easily, which can upset blood sugar levels.
  • Juice made with fruit has a high calorie count.
  • Juicing can be expensive. It takes a lot of fruits and vegetables to make drinks, and organic produce boosts the cost even more.