One shot: Seattle Storm star, Sue Bird, on flu prevention

For peak performance, Sue Bird doesn’t cut any corners. The four-time Olympian and WNBA champion stays at the top of her game with countless hours of practice, and also a commitment to taking care of her health.

“You’ve got to prepare yourself in all aspects of life,” Bird says. Training, fueling with the right foods, rest, preventing illness and injury; these are things where we can make smart decisions that provide for a good quality of life and success.

Getting the flu can derail all that hard work and, in some instances, can even be life threatening.

So when it comes to protecting herself against the flu, Bird isn’t taking any chances.

“I get my flu shot every year,” Bird says. “You have to prepare yourself in every aspect of life, and part of that is getting a flu shot.”

For Bird, getting the flu vaccine is an essential. Health is the foundation that supports your performance in sports, school, work and your well-being. And with the flu, the consequences of not taking action can be dire: last year saw a record number of flu-related deaths in Washington state.

“Health is everything,” Bird says. As she looks ahead, she is practicing jump shots and studying plays. And, she is getting a flu shot.

Kaiser Permanente Washington member can learn about their flu shot options at

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