The teen years: It’s when your kids can start taking more control of their health care

From when kids are born, parents are closely involved with their health care. That doesn’t change when those kids enter their teen years. There are some changes, however, that encourage kids to become more involved in their health care.

At age 13, your child can sign up for their own Kaiser Permanente online account. They can begin to develop their own relationship with their health care provider who can support them in making good health care choices.

Under Washington state privacy laws, by 13, teens can get care on their own for sexual and reproductive care, like birth control, and mental health, including issues with drugs and alcohol. Any messages your child exchanges with their care team about these sensitive topics or prescriptions related to them are between them and their health care provider. However, most teens continue to turn to parents for guidance.

Teens can:

  • Email their Kaiser Permanente care team with nonurgent questions
  • Refill their prescriptions
  • View their immunization records

Parents and legal guardians who have signed up for online services and filled out the Request for Parental Access form can continue to:

  • Securely email your teen’s Kaiser Permanente care team with nonurgent questions
  • Refill most prescriptions for your teen
  • View their immunization records (except the HPV vaccine)

You can find more information about online access for teens at


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