Adult vaccinations protect you and your loved ones

Think vaccinations are just for kids? If so, you may be missing out on vaccinations that can protect you from some serious diseases throughout your adulthood — and keep the people around you from getting sick too.

Vaccinations can help you

  1. Avoid getting vaccine-preventable illnesses.
    Influenza, pertussis (whooping cough), pneumonia, shingles, and tetanus can all be prevented with vaccinations, and it’s an easy way to avoid getting sick. You’re at increased risk of the diseases if you have diabetes, heart or lung disease, or a weakened immune system. Pneumonia and shingles strike when you’re already sick or stressed.
  2. Protect people who can’t protect themselves.
    Whooping cough and influenza cause moderate illness in most middle-aged adults, but can be devastating to infants. Influenza also can make elderly people seriously ill, and shingles lesions can spread chickenpox to anyone who isn’t already immune to that disease. By getting the vaccinations that are recommended for you, you lower the risk of your loved ones getting sick.
  3. Do your part to keep diseases under control.
    The United States has very low rates of vaccine-preventable diseases now, thanks to widespread vaccination use for many years. Keeping vaccination use high in kids and adults will keep vaccine-preventable disease rates low.
  4. Avoid a last-minute rush.
    The best time to get vaccinated is before there’s an outbreak of disease in your area, not after.
  5. Stay your healthiest.
    Why get sick when you can easily prevent it?

Check out our adult vaccination schedule

Our Adult Well-Care Visits, Screenings, and Immunizations schedule provides a handy list of the immunizations, well-care visits, and screenings most people need at each stage of adulthood. Talk to your doctor about your individual needs and the right schedule for you.

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